Land of Make Believe was a themed land at Alton Towers. It replaced Talbot Street. In 1993 the area was renamed from Talbot Street to The Land of Make Believe. At that time attractions included the Crown Carousel and the Mini Apple Roller Coaster. By this time much of the streets housing was developed into what the Cred Street we know today would be based around. There was a playground, sweet shop, ice cream shop and the Vintage Cars, which replaced the Octopus ride and would be in place for the next 13 years! A magic show was introduced and performed in the Talbot Theatre and the area was home to a new parade named 'Henrys Street Party'.

Land of Make Believe

A year later and a major development took place, with Around the World in 80 Days being replaced with Toyland Tours - a giant toy factory with friendly animatronics working to a playful sound track. This development was done alongside the legendary Nemesis which gave the whole park a huge boost of visitors, much like Stealth has for Thorpe Park.